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Welcome to the next edition of my Student Survival Guide!

I’m glued to my phone. I LOVE new apps and I’m constantly downloading new ones (free ones, I might add) to see which are my faves

So here’s my selection of apps that I think you students (or people on a budget, or people who just love apps) need! There are WAY more apps that I love on my best apps for students page :)

Disclaimer: I’m from the UK so I’m going to be posting apps that I’ve used and loved. If they don’t work/aren’t available in other countries I’m super sorry. These are all links to the Apple iTunes Store as well, but most of them are also available on Android.

Health and fitness:

  • 5k Runner: 0 to 5k run training pro (£1.99) Now I’m sorry to start off the article with a paid app, but it’s just SO good. And it means that you don’t need a gym membership or a treadmill! I’m using it currently and I couldn’t recommend it enough!
  • Nike+ Running (Free) I love this app, and the fact that it’s free is even better! I use it alongside 5k Runner (above) and use it to track my progress. I do need to get into the habit of using it more, though…
  • PumpUp (Free) I am still yet to use this app properly and regularly but it’s amazing! You can enter in where you are (home or gym), what area of the body you want to target, what props you have access to (weights, skipping rope, only you and your body etc) and a bunch of other stuff and it tailor makes a workout for you to follow! AND it’s got a fitness community on there for motivation and just to chat to! A+ seriously
  • Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax (Free) I used to use the app Headspace, and I admitedly did prefer it. But when I found out you only get the first 10 days free and after that it’s a monthly supscription I deleted it out of principle. Calm comes in a very close second and I still do love it! Especially seeing as it’s free!
  • SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) (Free) If you have anxiety like me, this app is brilliant. It really helps you keep track of everything and manage your anxiety well. MindShift is also a good, also free app for this!


  • BBC Good Food (Free) I love this website and I love this app. It has SO MANY recipes on it, it’s in UK measurements (FINALLY!! I find it so hard to find recipe apps that don’t measure everything in cups) and you can search by a bunch of different catagories! Healthy recipes included!! You can save recipes to your favourites as well which is handy! It ALSO has cooking tips and tools, so if you’re not a great cook it doesn’t matter!
  • Can I Eat It? UK (£1.99) Okay so this is another paid app but oh my jesus it’s amazing. Ever wondered whether something is vegan/fairtrade/low sugar/organic or a bunch of other things but can’t be bothered/struggle to find out through the label? THIS APP IS FOR YOU! You just scan the barcode and it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the food. It also now has a section for drinks as well! There’s an American version of this as well!
  • mySuperList (Free) This is an app from the website MySupermarket which I used ALL the time at uni. You put in your shop and it tells you which supermarket the shop would be cheapest at, if any items you choose have a cheaper alternative, then delivers it to your door! So now you can do all this from your app! It’s seriously amazing for saving money on your food shop.

Money and Finance

  • RedLaser (Free) This app is great. You scan something in using the barcode scanner and it will tell you the price of the item and if you can get it cheaper anywhere else!
  • Money Dashboard (Free) Helpful if, like me, you sometimes lose track of your spending. You hook it up to your bank account (totally securely) and it keeps track of your spends and catagorises them so you know what you can cut down on buying.

Organasation and Productivity

  • Evernote (Free) If you haven’t heard of this already I’d be surprised. Compile notes, photos, anything you want and have access to them from all your devices. I use it all the time!
  • Wunderlist (Free) Similar to Evernote except purely for lists. I actually use this one more than Evernote because it’s just so handy to be able to access any lists I make from my iPhone, iPad AND computer.
  • IFTTT (Free) This app is revolutionary. It basically hooks up your device with tonnes of different apps and services and does stuff for you! For example, my phone now notifies me if it’s forecast to rain tomorrow and my Instagram photos automatically upload to Twitter as photos, not links! I love it.

Deals and Offers

  • Student Beans ID (Free) Student beans has a website as well and it’s amazing. Articles, offers, freebies, job listings, EVERYTHING a student could ever need. I’m so happy they got an app!
  • UNiDAYS (Free) Want to know where you can get student discount? Get this app! You get a ton of exclusive student discounts through it as well!


  • TED (Free) Stream/Download unlimited TED talks! I’m on this app all the time.
  • Buzzfeed (Free) I really don’t need to explain Buzzfeed to you, do I? Basically, you need it. But be careful, it’s easy to waste hours reading the articles!
  • Flipboard (Free) I love this app. It’s beautiful to look at and it makes saving and reading articles so easy! Feedly is also a great one for this.
  • Pocket (Free) I only recently discovered Pocket and I love it. You can save ANYTHING you read on the internet to Pocket and read it later, really handy for any essay/dissertation research articles!

If you have ANY other great apps for students or if you know any alternatives for other countries then reblog with the link!

Part of my Student Survival Guide.

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